Magic Carpet Music was created in 2010. Primarily a production music library, the company also continues to develop a fan base on radio and social media outlets, and is now promoting music to DJs worldwide, aimed at the massive dance floor scene. The MCM catalog provides music for films, TV, commercials and other visual productions; for audiobooks and voice-overs; for gaming; and for ambient applications in a variety of venues and settings.

Music we provide works well for all these applications, as it weaves very effectively into the emotional and psychological fabric of viewers and listeners. significantly enhancing and enrichin the overall experience. Long professional experience in music composition, production, recording and editing gives us the know-how and competitive edge to fulfill your artistic goals and make your production a success and help realize your vision.

What style(s) of music fit your project? What moods and feelings do you want to evoke? Contact us, describe your needs and we make it happen.

  • Cues, themes, bumpers, incidental music & soundtracks for movies, TV, radio, commercials and gaming.
  • Background music for commercials and audiobooks
  • Ambient music for eateries, retail establishments, etc.
  • DJ/dance floor